Dog boarding

Our canine guests stay in a 3x3 or 3x6 ft run.  They are leashed walked at least twice daily in our fenced enclosed back yard.  We are happy to feed Science Diet food, or you are welcome to bring your pet's food for their stay.  A daily boarding census is kept to note any changes in your pet while here.  The census is reviewed daily by one of our veterinarians.


Cat Boarding

Our feline guests are housed in comfort cages with a litterbox, food, water, and bedding.  There may be a few toys that make it in their too!  We spend time with them at least twice daily to freshen their cages, brush them, and love on them.  A boarding census is kept, and reviewed daily by one of our veterinarians.


Diabetic Boarding

We are happy to board your diabetic pet.  They are monitored closely while here, and given insulin and fed on their regular schedule.  There is a different boarding charge for diabetics--please call to inquire.